Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ford GT40

Ford GT40 was built from 1964 to 1968, a total of only 124 copies. Originally, Henry Ford II wanted to buy for his re-entry into the European Motorsport Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari however, withdrew its offer to sell the company back. This inspired Henry Ford II to build the GT40 for the World Sports Car Championship particularly well – with a legendary success.

Early cars were simply named "Ford GT". The name "GT40" was the name of Ford's project to prepare the cars for the international endurance racing circuit, and the quest to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The first 12 "prototype" vehicles carried serial numbers GT-101 through GT-112. The "production" began and the subsequent cars, the MkI, MkII, and MkIIIs,( with the exception of the MkIV, which were numbered J1-J10)were numbered GT40P/1000 through GT40P/1145, were officially "GT40s". The name of Ford's project, and the serial numbers dispel the story that "GT40" was "only a nickname."

The contemporary Ford GT is a modern homage to the GT40.
Four times the GT40 won the 24h of Le Mans from 1966 to 1969. There were different versions of the GT40 with different engines: the Mark I and Mark III were built with a 4.7-liter engine with 340 hp. Twelve prototypes, however, had a 4.2-liter V8 engine with 306 horsepower.

The Shelby Mark II has a 7-liter V8 Big Block (485 hp missed) to finally teach at the races Ferrari to be afraid – the Mark IV had only body improvements. This flounder, also with the 7-liter engine, 1966 already went 343 km/h top speed!
By the way, what GT stands, everyone knows – but also what means the 40? Very easy – the GT40 is only 40 inches high – this is exactly 102 cm.

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Henry Ford II bauen GT40 für die World Sports Car Championship besonders gut - mit einem legendären Erfolg.

Генри Форд II построить GT40 для Car Championship World Sports особенно хорошо - с легендарным успеха

هنري فورد الثاني بناء GT40 لبطولة العالم للسيارات الرياضية بشكل خاص -- مع النجاح الأسطوري

Henry Ford II costruire GT40 per il Car World Championship Sports particolarmente bene - con un successo leggendario

Henry Ford II construire GT40 pour le Championnat du Monde des Voitures de Sport particulièrement bien - avec un succès légendaire   

Monday, August 8, 2011

BMW M6 Volga

What if somebody take Russian car from 1970s, Volga GAZ-21 like on the picture below:

And mix it with ultra new BMW M6? Like this one for example:

  So what they would have as a result of such a mixture? Probably Volga M6 Cabrio like this one below:

Was, wenn jemand zu russischen Auto von 1970, Volga-GAZ 21
Und mischen Sie es mit ultra neue BMW M6?
Volga BMW M6!

Hva hvis noen tar russisk bil fra 1970, Volga GAZ-21
Og bland det med ultra nye BMW M6?
Volga BMW M6!

Que si quelqu'un de prendre automobile russe à partir des années 1970, la Volga GAZ-21
Et le mélanger avec de nouveaux ultra BMW M6?
Volga, BMW M6!

Che cosa succede se qualcuno si auto russe dal 1970, Volga GAZ-21
E mescolare con ultra nuova BMW M6?
Volga BMW M6!

Что делать, если кто-то взять русскую машину с 1970-х, Волга ГАЗ-21
И смешивать его с ультра новый BMW M6?
Волга BMW M6!

ماذا لو كان شخص ما تأخذ السيارة الروسية من 1970s، الفولغا GAZ - 21
ومزجها مع بي ام دبليو M6 الجديدة المتطرفة؟
الفولغا BMW M6!

如果有人20世纪70年代俄罗斯汽车伏尔加GAZ- 21

そして新しいBMW M6とそれを混ぜる
ヴォルガBMW M6