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Chevrolet Camaro vs Ford Mustang

Chevrolet Camaro vs Ford Mustang

Two American red-blooded jittery beasts. But which one makes your palms sweat and your hands chafe just by seeing its locks wave in the breeze, when doing 150 on the highway? And I’m not talking about power here, ’cause it takes more than a peppery engine to label a car. I’m talking about looks, comfort, interior materials and finish.

Should ‘maro’s hefty weight, the money Chevy saved by using low-quality interior materials or the loss of the torque-o-meter from the four-pack of gauge clusters on the transmission tunnel make you choose the ‘stang over it? Or the tall window sills that can cause you an ulnar nerve displacement? They say that the tall door sills are an engineering visual trick to keep the greenhouse small and make the roof look lower than it really is, so it can look much like a choptop street rod. (The Chrysler 300C is a good example of this) but sometimes you gotta know when to stop! Could it be the exiguous space on the back seats of the Camaro? Or its styling that looks like a collection of retro elements put together by someone with only a vague impression of their origins? The other issue here is the bunker-esque view I get from the cockpit. After spending 13 straight hours in a Camaro, this was a far larger issue than the lack of arm space on the door.

My only real grievance with the Camaro is really a grievance with GM. Ford have stuck with the basic principle of the Mustang since ’64, and there have been good ones and bad ones.

Since ’94 they have, with varying success, used cues from earlier generations to remind the customers that “We still care about your car”. From 2004, as was the vogue post Ford GT, the latest Mustang payed more homage to the original than ever before. Ford, it seemed, still cared about the Mustang.

GM, however, seemingly abandoned the Camaro formula years ago, throwing in the towel in 2002 because there “wasn’t a market”. No market, perhaps, for a Camaro which was a shadow of its former self and suffering horrific model bloat.
Suddenly, though, it felt like GM noticed it had been wrong, that there was a market all along, and produced a modernized riff on the ’67 jam.

No doubt the Camaro is a better car than the Mustang, and it bloody well should be. Hanging out the window of a Camaro cruising down the boulevard at 30mph with the stereo blasting is as American as apple pie.

However, compared to the Mustang, they suck equine appendages.

But have any of us looked at the interiors of the cars that we have agreed maxed out the Jalop-o-meter? They all suck equine appendages. All of them. They use cheap plastics, cheap cloth, and are generally not all that well screwed together.

And yet, we love these cars. Why? Because the kick ass. Every time we sit in them and turn the key, we can’t help but smile. Every time we hit the road, start rowing our way through those gears, and tackling every curve we can at batshit mad speeds, we can’t help but grin maniacally because of the great driving dynamics of a car designed to be driven. Like the Camaro. Yeah, the interior ain’t the Ritz. But in a car like that, you really should be paying attention to what’s outside your car.

So, what’s it gonna be for you? ‘maro or ‘stang?

The Camaro is a better car than the Mustang. Mustang is for girls and Camaros are for drivers. GM needed to take a step away from the pony car segment to get a better look at the market and get fresh ideas. I’m glad they did it too. This Camaro is worth the wait.

La Camaro est une meilleure voiture que la Mustang. Mustang est pour les filles et les Camaro sont des chauffeurs. GM avait besoin de prendre un peu loin du segment des voitures de poney pour obtenir un meilleur regard sur le marché et trouver des idées fraîches. Je suis content qu'ils l'ont fait aussi. Cette Camaro est la peine d'attendre.

La Camaro è una vettura migliore del Mustang. Mustang è per le ragazze e Camaro sono per i conducenti. GM bisogno di fare un passo di distanza dal segmento delle vetture pony per ottenere un aspetto migliore al mercato e ottenere nuove idee. Sono contento lo hanno fatto troppo. Questa Camaro è valsa la pena aspettare.

A Camaro egy jobb autó, mint a Mustang. Mustang a lányok és Camaros a járművezetők részére. GM szükség ahhoz, hogy egy lépéssel el a pony car szegmensben, hogy jobban nézd meg a piacon, és kap friss ötleteket. Örülök, hogy nem túl. Ez a Camaro is megérte a várakozást.

Camaro это лучший автомобиль, чем Mustang. Mustang для девочек и Camaros являются для водителей. GM необходимо предпринять шаг в сторону от автомобиля сегмента пони, чтобы получить лучший взгляд на рынок и получить свежие идеи. Я рад, что они сделали это слишком. Это Camaro стоит ждать.

كامارو هو أفضل من سيارة موستانج. موستانج هو للفتيات وCamaros هي للسائقين. هناك حاجة جنرال موتورز لاتخاذ خطوة بعيدا عن المهر قطاع السيارات للحصول على نظرة أفضل في السوق والحصول على أفكار جديدة. أنا سعيد لأنهم فعلوا ذلك أيضا. هذا كامارو يستحق الانتظار.    

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