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volkswagen t1

The first "Bulli" was coined in 1947 by Dutchman Ben Pona, and was built in record time the factory does not keep pace with its production.

The story begins in 1947. Dutchman Ben Pon Sr., whose company, Sun's Automobielhandel was the first foreign importer of Volkswagen after World War II, met with representatives of the Minden wolfsburskich British government establishments to talk about buying a few Beetles for the Netherlands. (After World War II, Germany was divided into occupation zones, and the Volkswagen plants were in the area managed by the British).

During the conversation the Dutchman drew in his notebook, handwritten draft of a van with a revolutionary concept: rear engine, front driver and place between them at 750 kg load. The inspiration for Pona was built for indoor plants, quaint Flatbed truck, which saw the ruins of the hall in Wolfsburg.

After some time, even in 1948, Heinirch Nordhoff, a new member of the board in Wolfsburg, Pona accepted the idea and commissioned the principal designer Alfred Haesnerowi its implementation. Less than a year later the technical documentation and 1948, built the first prototypes. When the work was used in wind tunnel tests. Coefficient of Cw first structure was about 0.7, but has been reduced to unprecedented at the time of 0.44. As the Beetle floor pan was too weak to transport heavy loads, it reinforced a special frame. The prototype of the Volkswagen Transporter was presented to reporters on Nov. 12, 1949 year in Wolfsburg and was received with enthusiasm.

8 March 1950 year in Wolfsburg began mass production of the vehicle marked with Type 2 Transporter (Type 1 had the Beetle), and commonly known as T1 or "Bulli" from the first letters of the name "Bus Lieferwagen" (German Commercial bus).

The plant produced its first commercial vehicle in four versions: a van, special vehicle, 8-passenger van and as a store salesmanship. The car had a load capacity of 825 kilograms. With a full load reached a maximum speed of 75 km / h and consume 8-9 liters of fuel per 100 km.

In 1951 he presented a model Samba - bus passenger, who soon conquered the world. Paint in two colors, sliding roof, lots of chrome and 21 windows were something hitherto unheard of. Like no other vehicle, a minibus has become the constant companion of many years of globe-trotters. In the same year was built on the basis of the first Transporter ambulance.

Four years after the start of series production, rolled off the production line conveyor hundred-thousandth. At those times of Bytom is a great achievement. It soon became apparent that the production capacity at Wolfsburg plant are almost fully utilized. It was decided to build a new facility only deals with vehicle mount. The race: 235 municipalities are fighting for it to be located in their area. The decision is taken on Jan. 24, 1955 - factory built in Hanover.

Layout of the factory was extremely modern: the production was on the first floor, upstairs hall, and the flow of materials has been provided below on the ground floor. The plant in Hanover was then the most modern, and perhaps even the most beautiful plant producing cars in the world.

Just a year after the decision to build, and the sixth anniversary of the start of production, 8 March 1956, after a very short construction period, the production line of new plant rolled off the first Transporter. Initially, the factory employed 4 954 workers, who assembled 250 per day initially, then 300 units Transporter. Demand for Transporter surpassed all expectations. Just one year after the start of production the factory was too small. With the addition of Hall 2 of its size is doubled. The number of employees increased in the early years by 70-80 percent.

In 1958, Volkswagen's designers have presented a proposal, without which it is impossible today to imagine the commercial vehicles - a double cabin. A year later, in 1959, the Transporter has received all-synchromesh transmission, which was not far from evident at the time you press a double clutch when changing gears. In 1960, he introduced a flashing turn signals. They replace previously used an arrow indicating the intention of turning performance. T1 model was produced until 1967, when it was replaced by T2. cult legends the world of

rollt – nach einer Idee von Ben Pon – der erste in Serie gefertigte Transporter vom Band: Der Volkswagen T1! Der geplante Einsatzbereich des Fahrzeugs stand Pate amen: VW Transporter. Unter dieser Bezeichnung beginnt der Tausendsassa seine Erfolgsgeschichte. Der Volkswagen T1 begründet somit quasi eine neue Fahrzeuggattung und ist bis zum heutigen Tag deren führender Vertreter. Bis zum Jahr 1967 werden in zahlreichen Ausführungen insgesamt 1,82 Millionen Volkswagen Transporter des ersten Typs gefertigt – anfangs noch in Wolfsburg, seit März 1956 in Hannover.

Das Konzept des auch VW Bus genannten T1 ist neben den zahlreichen Varianten der Grund zum Erfolg: Frontlenkerbauweise mit optimaler Raumausnutzung, Heckmotor mit guten Traktionseigenschaften bei Nässe, Schnee, Eis, in Sand und … natürlich auch auf befestigten Fahrbahnen. Dies war damals genauso einzigartig, wie der luftgekühlte Vierzylinder-Boxermotor auch. Der Volkswagen Transporter T1 wartete zusätzlich dazu noch mit einer geteilten Windschutzscheibe, auch split window genannt, auf. Bei finden Sie neben Neu- und Gebrauchtfahrzeugen auch günstige Vorführwagen und klassische Oldtimer .

vw kombi bus - Oficina Brasil Firenze italy Visita il nostro salone VW kombi d'epoca le proposte visibili sul nostro sito ufficiale sono visionabili nel salone di Firenze. VW KOMBI BUS T1 LUXO ... Volkswagen t1 - Yakaz Auto volkswagen t1, Vendesi € 3950 volkswagen bianco 1961 80000km furgone benzina volkswagen furgone T1 '61 Vetrato Volkswagen..., volkswagen t1. Volkswagen T1 | Mitula Auto 10+ elementi – 68 annunci trovati per volkswagen t1 a partire da 3.950€, ... Volkswagen T1 (livorno) Livorno Benzina compleate restored bus 9 seats ... Volkswagen T1 (livorno) Livorno 10.000 kms Cambio manuale Volkswagen Transporter - Wikipedia Con il passare degli anni e dei modelli la denominazione dei pulmini è cambiata, fino agli anni 70 i modelli vw venivano identificati con T1 (maggiolino) T2 ... Volkswagen T1 Mini Bus Volkswagen T1 Mini Bus.

Volkswagen Minibus, Bulli, Kombi, T2, Samba, Vanagon, tanti nomi per un unico, straordinario, fantastico furgone. Se amate California ... LEGO Creator 10220 - Volkswagen T1 Camper Van: ... Questo prodotto è soggetto a specifiche avvertenze ed istruzioni di sicurezza. Avvertenza: Non adatto a bambini di età inferiore a 36 mesi; Avvertenza: Da usare ... volkswagen T1 | Facebook - Traduci questa pagina Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, ... Volkswagen T1 - Furgoncino Hippie | Facebook Volkswagen T1 - Furgoncino Hippie è su Facebook. Per connetterti con Volkswagen T1 - Furgoncino Hippie, iscriviti subito a Facebook. RegistrazioneAccedi ...

Где купить фургончик Volkswagen T1(или наподобие его, такой хиппи ... › Главная страница › Список вопросов Ответов: 2 - 22 сен 2009 Последний ответ: самое простое это купить простой Volkswagen T1 и разукрасить его самому очень много плюсов и даже если вы купите разукрашеный то ... VW T1 | Клуб любителей микроавтобусов и минивэнов › ... › VOLKSWAGEN VW T1. Осмысленное обсуждение на техническом сайте <Клуб любителей микроавтобусов и минивэнов> Галерея Volkswagen T1/T2/T3 (Фольксваген Т1/Т2/Е3) Фотографии автомобилей Volkswagen T1/T2/T3 (Фольксваген Т1/Т2/Е3)!

Большое количество фото внешнего вида и интерьера автомобилей ... Volkswagen T1 Camper Van | LEGO Shop - США - Перевести эту страницу This authentic camper van is a replica of the classic Volkswagen Camper Van from 1962. Every iconic feature is here! On the outside, the terrific detailing ... «Ласточка» - Автомобиль Volkswagen T1 / Фольксваген T1 ... Каталог автомобилей Volkswagen T1 / Фольксваген T1. Характеристики, история, продажа б/у и новых Volkswagen T1 / Фольксваген T1 в России. Hasegawa 1/24 Volkswagen T1 Хиппимобиль : Автомобили : Статьи 15 окт 2010 – За годы увлечения стендовым моделизмом я собрал довольно моделей самолётов, танков и военных автомобилей в различных

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