Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mercury Marquis

These were known as the "Continental Styling" years, as Mercury was trying to market itself as an affordable Lincoln, rather than a more expensive Ford. A 1969 advertisement for the Colony Park wagon bills the car as "If Lincoln Continental made a station wagon, this would be it."[citation needed] All full-sized Mercury sedans and coupes were built on a wheelbase that was 124 inches long, but the station wagons were on the same 121 inch wheelbase as their Ford counterparts. While built on a Ford chassis, wagons wore the same front clip as sedans along with the same interior trim.

This generation of Marquis was available as a full line of cars, with two- and four-door hardtops, a four-door pillared sedan, a convertible, and a station wagon. The new 1969 Mercury Marauder shared its 121-inch wheelbase with Ford; however, its front clip was shared with Marquis. The standard engine was a 429 cubic-inch V8 equipped with a two-barrel carburetor. The four-barrel 429 from the Marauder was optional. The sole transmission for the Marquis (and all full-size Lincolns and Mercurys) was the Ford C6 3-speed automatic. Power front disc brakes were optional.

 This generation introduced the hidden headlights that were a Lincoln-Mercury trademark in the 1970s. Metallic gold examples of the 1969 and 1970 model Marquis convertibles (very low production) were used for the final two seasons of the Green Acres TV series. These replaced the 1965-1967 Continental convertibles that were used earlier in the run of the CBS comedy series. 1971 brought a major restyling for the full-size Mercurys: More rounded and flowing styling, wider C-Pillars, rear fender skirts, the elimination of vent-windows for all models, frameless windows and wraparound taillamps on all sedans. Both the Marauder and convertibles were discontinued for 1971; the rare and costly sunroof option became available on all full-size Mercurys (as long as the vinyl roof option was selected). 1972 brought minor changes such as egg-crate grilles, revised taillamps and seatbelt warning buzzers.

Ceux-ci étaient connus comme les "Continental" Styling ans, que le mercure a essayé de se faire connaître comme un prix abordable Lincoln, plutôt qu'un plus cher Ford.

Αυτά ήταν γνωστά ως τα "Styling Continental" χρόνια, όπως ο Ερμής ήταν προσπαθεί να αγορά ως μια προσιτή Λίνκολν, παρά ένα πιο ακριβό Ford.

Disse blev kendt som "Continental Styling" år, da Mercury forsøgte at markedsføre sig som en overkommelig Lincoln, snarere end en dyrere Ford.



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